Köpstopp – Tid, pengar och energi

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Time, money and energy are three physical constants I have theorized affect all our lives all the time. Most of our lives revolve amongst these three physical constants. I made this trinity of physical constants many years ago, but as I grew up and discovered learning and became someone who knew many more things, I discovered how real and true and present my three physical quantities were in everyday life.

Right now, I’m a philosopher, telling you and explaining life to you from my three physical quantities. The purpose of life (as far as the theories of the trinity of physical quantities are concerned) is to have these three constants all at the same time for extended periods of time. Unfortunately it hardly happens like this for most people.

When people are young, they have a lot of time and energy but no money and unfortunately most of them aren’t really wise enough to utilize these constants properly. When they grow into working class citizens then they have a lot of energy and money but no time. They have work that takes their time. Of course they are still young, so they have energy too.

When they grow old, they have money, if they were smart enough to have saved some for retirement, but have no energy to do all the things they wanted to do when they were young. Now this is where many people fall into if they are lucky enough. Many old people nowadays have no money and energy, and in Nigeria a lot of working class people have a lot of energy and time but no money. Now our first three scenarios are just the average life that if you live you would still be satisfied with, depending on how ambitious you are as a person. What you will not have achieved is the trinity of physical quantities, which is the purpose of life as far as we are concerned.

I will bother myself, in the rest of this paper/article to highlight methods with which you can achieve the trinity of physical quantities.

This first method will allow you spend a good amount of time in the trinity state of mind. You will enjoy your childhood and waste your time and energy like every other person, go to school, make sure you get the best qualifications possible and then come out and become working class. While you are working class, you will live healthily which is the real strategy here, so that when you have saved enough money to becomefinancially independent over your forty year career you will still have enough energy to do what you have always wanted to do.

The second method which will allow you spend a better amount of time in the trinity state of mind entails that you don’t waste your childhood (mostly 0 -20 yrs) but to utilize your energy and time trying to discover how to become financially independent in your working class ages. This strategy is about utilizing your initial energy and time to become financially independent in the second part of your life (20-64 yrs) so that you can be in the trinity state of mind for a longer time and do what you have always wanted to do. The philosophy believes that people who don’t achieve financial independence in their working ages could do so, if they knew how to and wanted to, badly enough to do the right things. Knowledge is very important here, just like in the live healthy strategy: knowledge on how to get financially independent early; knowledge on how to live healthy.

If you’ve been following, then you can probably guess this last and final controlled method of achieving the trinity of physical quantities, which also happens to be the method that provides the best or longesttime in the state of trinity.

It is a combination of the first two strategies employed within the first two methods. Also realize that the purpose of the trinity is so that you can do the things you have always wanted to do, your passions. The third method utilizes your energy and time when you’re a child, uses it to become financially independent when you’re working class, it also entails you live healthy in an effort to conserve your energy for when you’re older. It means at 75-80 you can still enjoy your life. You spend the bulk of your life in the trinity, the beautiful trinity.

We realize that people are different and that’s why most people will not use any of the three methods stated here for achieving the trinity state of mind and so will never achieve it, but we’re not complaining about that. I just want younger people to know what’s possible. So sometime in my working class life I will take my knowledgist career seriously and broadcast the truth.

Author’s Note: It is not impossible for a person to achieve the trinity state of mind through other methods, especially if you’re already in your working class, but the amount of time you will spend in that state of ‘three’ is automatically reduced. The problem with trying to become financially independent in your working class life is that the time you need to learn how to do it is limited and it will take a lot more effort and energy on your path to do that, energy being the key word.

Of course this philosophy also respects and sees people who get dumped with a fortune on and so don’t have to spend time on trying to getfinancially independent. What these people must do is learn how to maintain or grow these net worth’s, because a fortune isn’t worth its substance if it’s not multiplying.

Also to get things completely clear, financial independence can be defined as a time when you don’t need to work one more day in your life again and still have a steady source of income, it does not mean being super rich or being a billionaire. It also doesn’t mean having a high paying job or making a lot of money in business.

Living Healthy is when you cultivate habits and a lifestyle during the first two parts of your life that will prevent you from suffering from the ailments associated with older people when you’re in the third part of your life (65- ) so that you have energy to enjoy the rest of your life.




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